The Scout Patch Auction

What TSPA does for you

We provide complete end-to-end selling services via eBay for businesses and organizations.

This is a great way to:

  • Sell excess or end-of-life inventory
  • Clear out depreciated or excess capital items and equipment
  • Free up valuable storage/working space while your items are being sold
  • Explore potential new markets for your products at no risk or cost to you
  • Access an additional sales channel with 125 million potential customers
  • Conduct fund-raising for non-profit organizations

TSPA picks up your items, securely stores them, sells them at demonstrated market-level prices and sends you a check every month.

It doesn't get any easier than this!

Why TSPA is the selling service of choice

We are a Platinum Power Seller on eBay (this means we have successfully completed over 39,850 sales with a positive feedback rating of 99.4%). This rating places us in the top 2% of ALL eBay sellers and provides your items with instant credibility in a sales channel used daily by hundreds of paying customers. We have been in business since 1987 and on eBay since 1997.

TSPA is an authorized eBay Trading Assistant. This means that eBay certifies us as a reputable and trustworthy seller.

We are also a certified eBay Trading Post. We provide a staffed drop-off location with regular hours and we maintain sales of at least $25,000 on eBay each month with a feedback rating over 98%. Although open for regular business hours, it is helpful to contact us beforehand to discuss your item as well as fees and terms.

Our trained and knowledgeable staff use specialized computerized systems to list, sell, invoice and track your items as they move through the marketplace. We also pack and ship your items once payment has been received.

Our consignment rate is substantially lower (generally 50% lower!) than any other similar service.

Call our commercial services account manager at 734-434-TSPA (434-8772) to inquire about a free market survey regarding your items' sales potential.

Convert your excess items into cash today!

Interested in finding out how much your item is worth? Visit to find the price realized in todays market.